Why are Japanese people so skinny?

People of Japan are considered the most healthy and fit around the world. Their food habits have a big hand behind this. According to research, the obesity rate in Japan is only about 3% as compared to about 35% Obesity rate in the US. Let's know why the Japanese are so thin?

1. Processed food less and fresh food more food

People in Japan eat more fresh food and processed food less. This prevents unnecessary weight gain preservatives, chemicals, and oils and keeps them fit.

fresh food photo

2. Eating raw salad and seafood

Japanese people have less fat and more fiber in their diet. This is helpful in diet weight loss. They eat more seafood. The omega-3 fatty acids present in them are healthy.


3. Eating foods cooked in low oil, slow heat, or steam

People in Japan prefer to eat less oil, slow heat, or steamed food. This does not increase fat in their diet. The nutrition of food remains intact. Weight control remains.

steam food

4. Eating a little 3 to 5 times a day

The people of Japan eat little at various times a day. This helps in metabolism and good digestion. Fat and calories burn faster.


5. Drink healthy tea

People of Japan usually drink healthy tea like green tea, which increases fat burning and does not increase obesity.

green tea

6. Eat slowly on a small plate 

People of Japan eat slowly on small plates. This gives food enough time to digest. There is no fat deposit.
japanese small food bowl

7. Sitting at rest

The people of Japan sit and eat comfortably. This results in better digestion. Metabolism is better. Fat is not stored.

japanese eat on floor


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